Work From Home Furniture – 3 Must-Haves & Setups


Work from home – as much as it might sound fun, in reality, it is quite the opposite. Unless you know how to do it productively, which many people do not. 2020 was the year in which most people had to shift from “work-from-office” to “work-from-home” or WFH as people like to put in their Instagram bio. And interestingly it was also the year in which the largest number of studies were carried out to understand what makes a good work from home experience.

We have analyzed multiple such studies and two things that were commonly pointed out more than anything else were: lack of productivity and work from home fatigue/tiredness.

We have identified one solution that tackles both of those issues – a proper work from home office setup. Yes, we added the word office, and that is how you should treat your workspace at home, like an office.

Let us dive deeper into what makes a good home office environment in terms of furniture because that is what turns a room into an office. You cannot just place a computer on the floor and call it an office.


Work from home office furniture – Top 3 must-haves:

1. A Productive Desk

Work from Home Furniture - Desk  Home Office DesksWork from Home Furniture - Desk

Most of your productive work hours are spent at the desk. So, it makes sense to invest in a good one, which is designed ergonomically to offer you the required support so you can work comfortably. If you need to store books and documents related to work, then make sure to get a computer desk that has storage compartments built-in. Unless you want to keep things minimal or need more space around your legs, in that case, you can add a cabinet that is not part of the table.

A perfect work from the home desk is the one that is comfortable to work on. If you tend to work for long hours on the computer, you should consider an adjustable standing desk. These types of desks have become extremely popular in recent years as studies reveal the negatives of sitting for long hours. If you already have a good desk or you like the feel of normal desks, then you also have the option of going for sit-stand desk converters. They are a type of furniture that is placed on top of the desk to raise the height of the monitor and some models also help in raising the height of the keyboard and mouse.


2. A Comfortable Chair

Work from Home Chairs Work from Home Chairs Work from Home Chairs

After your desk, your chair is the most important piece of furniture in your work from home office setup. A chair with good ergonomics can improve back pain by promoting a sitting posture that allows proper alignment of the shoulders, hips, and spine. We have discussed how sitting for long hours is bad for your health but sitting for even a short period can affect your health if you are using the wrong chair. So, invest in a good office chair that is built with ergonomics in the mind.


3. Filing Cabinet

Work from Home Filing Cabinet Work from Home Filing Cabinet Work from Home Filing Cabinet

Focus is the key component of a productive workday and you must do everything to protect it. A filing cabinet helps you keep important things like documents, files, papers, books, etc. that are related to your work in one place so you can access them instantly. This saves you from losing your focus and saves time. Apart from the utility of keeping things organized, a good filing cabinet also helps in creating a more office-like environment, without compromising the overall aesthetics of your home furniture.

Those were the top three things you must have in your, “work from home” setup. You can add more things like a table lamp, succulent plants, a bookcase, a mood board to make WFH feel more comfortable, but initially, those three furniture pieces are all that you need.


Work from home furniture setups for inspiration:

Now that you know what components you need in your work from home layout, let us look at some of the WFH furniture setups which are both elegant and productive to work in.

Minimalist’s Approach

Work from Home Furniture - minimalist layout Work from Home Furniture - minimalist layout

This type of WFH setup is suited for people who like to keep things simple. A minimal setup combines cabinet and desk components into one. This way you do not even have to move away from your workspace to get important documents. Or you can skip the cabinet part altogether and just use a simple desk and an ergonomic chair.


Going Maximal

Work from Home Furniture - maximalism layout Work from Home Furniture - maximalism layout

Truth be told, not everyone likes to keep things to the minimum. Some people love to collect and keep a lot of things around them at home, for they are reminders and memories of past experiences. So, for those, the above setups can be a good inspiration. Place your favorite things around you so during work breaks, you can look at something beautiful from the past and feel relaxed. If you are looking for original art for your office you can check


Inspired by Nature

Work from Home Furniture - Natures Touch

You may already be aware of the health benefits of having plants like the snake plant in your workspace. But did you know that having a nature-inspired home office decor can help you relieve stress, calm the mind, and provide a range of other mental benefits? Yes, that is true. A nature-inspired home office layout like the one shown in the image above will make your WFH space warmer, cozier, and productive.

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