Camerich | Charm Rectangular Mirror


Charm Rectangular Mirror

Clean lines always define minimalist designs that lasts the test of time. Charm Rectangular Mirror is sleekly constructed in a steel frame and finished in Black Metallic paint. Whomever said a functional mirror could not double up as a nifty storage to provide you the utmost convenience and fast access to your coins and keys? A semicircle wooden tray creates the visual illusion, as if the tray extends into another dimension. Constructed in Solid Ash Wood and finished in Grey Oak, the handy tray provides some warmth and contrast against the blackened metal frame. The only limit is your imagination.

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FRAME: Frame is constructed in Steel and finished in Black Metallic paint. Mirror surface is affixed with PB backing. Back board comes with tip-restraint unit, and available for wall-mounting capabilities. T

RAY: Solid Ash wood tray is finished in Grey Oak.


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