Outdoor furniture, commonly known as patio or garden furniture, goes beyond the obvious. More than just a comfortable place to rest, it’s part of your outdoor space, creating an experience everyone can enjoy. The practical aspect of outdoor furniture, especially during today’s time, makes the investment totally worth it.

Just imagine not having to worry about covid-19 restrictions (or any restrictions for that matter) and being able to enjoy your dinner peacefully, in an outdoor restaurant-style atmosphere. Outdoor furniture is the solution that can make this possible. It’s a great way to bring the outdoors in and create a joyful shared experience for your family and friends. 

Today we are going to look into some handpicked outdoor furniture layouts that are sure to leave an impression on everyone that sees it. And later we will look into the things you should consider before buying outdoor furniture, along with some tips to ease the process of adding the best pieces to your patio.

7 Best Outdoor Furniture Ideas – 2021

  1. Outdoor Swing with Canopy

Outdoor Furniture - Swing with Canopy

As people gravitate toward the outdoors, using a hanging swing in your space can be a great way to create an appealing, outdoor environment. The wooden swing you see here is perfectly adaptive to screened-in porches, patios, and verandas and offers a great source of relaxation.

  1. Round Outdoor Dining Set

Round Outdoor Dining Set

Round Dining and economical, this table is perfect for any outdoor space. The seats slide into the table, so there is no more fumbling around when you need to clean up. And whether you’re planning a family reunion, or just inviting a few friends over for dinner, this table with adjustable chairs is sure to please everyone. Another benefit of a round table is it makes it easier to communicate with each other, at the table.

  1. Hanging Bed

Hanging Bed - Italmoda Furniture

Hanging beds are trending right now because of their ease of use and amazing comfort potential. This trendy bed is a perfect addition to any home, as it gives you the chance to kick back and relax. With some pillows on hand, you can stay warm and cozy as you enjoy the breeze or the stunning views around you.

  1. Living Room Extension

Living Room Extension - Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor areas offer great entertainment opportunities, but can often feel detached from the rest of your home. By connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, you can design a space that is flexible and useful no matter when or where you decide to use it. In this example, extending the living room to space outside gives the patio a cohesive design that works perfectly for entertaining, relaxing, or socializing. 

  1. Modern Outdoor Fire Pits

Modern Outdoor Fire Pits

Sit by the fire with your friends on this campfire-inspired patio setup and share stories of when you were young. Thanks to the modern fire pits found today, there is no need for keeping the fire going throughout the night. With just a simple match, you can light it up and sit back to relax.

  1. Into the Woods

Into the Woods - Furniture

When you have a house by the woods, don’t ignore all the beautiful surroundings. Make the most out of nature by taking inspiration from this outdoor setup that blends sectional sofa with its surroundings. If you don’t want to step directly on the forest floor then just add your favorite type of flooring on your patio.

  1. Rooftop View

Rooftop View - Outdoor Furniture

Living in the city? No garden? No problem! You can use your balcony or terrace to create a scenic dining area for your friends. Just add a premium dining table and a few chairs to the opposite side of it, and voila – the perfect rooftop dining experience. Rooftop seating is an amazing addition to any home or building in the city because it looks fantastic and also offers a wonderful view.

Bonus: Illuminated Outdoor Furniture 

Illuminated Outdoor Furniture

Bring your outdoor living space under the limelight using Illuminated furniture pieces like above. They help in creating a glowing atmosphere that is sure to dazzle your guests and friends. Equipped with high quality, durable multi-color LEDs, these lighted furniture sofas and tables are ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Patio Furniture – Mini Guide

Patio furniture is an investment — so don’t rush into it. Determine your ideal patio furniture set up even before you create your outdoor living space. Sit down with graph paper and sketch a layout of your outdoor living space. Play around with different styles and placements so you can finalize the best combination of outdoor furniture that suits your needs.

You can also contact us and take advantage of our complimentary outdoor layout consultation. If you want to plan it by yourself then keep the following points in mind to make a better decision:

Area size: The key to a successful patio is roominess. When you are choosing what type of patio furniture to purchase, it is wise to consider the size of your available space. If you have a small balcony or back deck, you might want to opt for a small bistro set. Or if you have a very large yard, maybe a full patio furniture set would be best. And if you lack the storage space for a bulky sofa or headboard, consider a less imposing furniture piece.

Personal Style: In a sea of options, it can be difficult to find outdoor furniture that is both striking and fits with your home’s style. So research for different styles of patio furniture beforehand. If you can’t find a style that you like then we can create custom patio furniture that matches your needs. 

Use Cases: It’s essential to determine how you will use your outdoor space before buying patio furniture. Think about how many people you plan to have over to entertain and whether you’ll need extra seating for parties. Stackable chairs and tables are perfect for hosting a large crowd, while a cozy sectional is great for a more low-key gathering. And regardless of how you entertain, consider durability: Outdoor furniture must be able to withstand a lot of sun and rain, especially if it’s uncovered or not in an enclosed area.

Outdoor Furniture Buying Tips:

  1. Test Outdoor Seating Before Buying:

Before you purchase patio chairs and couches, test them out. Patio furniture will likely be used frequently, especially during the warmer months. If it looks good but feels bad, you and your guests will be far less likely to enjoy it. Therefore, it’s important to test how comfortable the seating pieces are. For complete comfort, look for pieces with cushions that are soft and inviting and have fluffy pillows.

  1. Spread your investment:

You don’t want to get every piece of outdoor furniture at once; instead, spread out the investment. Make a list of the things you want to do in your outdoor space and use it as a guide to determine what kind of patio furniture is necessary. For example, if you’re going to do most of your entertaining outside, then there’s no need for a dining table. Instead, opt for seating for many people, side tables, and a fire pit.

  1. Low maintenance:

Look for easy-care patio furniture to decrease maintenance time, so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Accessorize outdoor furniture with cushions and pillows with removable covers that can be easily tossed in the washing machine to save time. And invest in weather-resistant materials like metal, teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker to make sure that they look beautiful and brand new for years.

  1. Plan patio lighting scheme:

When you’re designing your patio layout, don’t overlook the importance of lighting. To make your patio the most inviting area, ensure you use three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting can be achieved through hanging lights, wall lights, and post lights. Task lighting consists of lights located along walkways on patios or along the perimeter of patios. Finally, add accent lightings such as wall sconces or table lamps, artistic floor lamps for a luxurious, cozy feel.

Floor Lamp with Geometric Design

Floor Lamp with Geometric Design – Outdoor Light Redefined

We hope this article has helped you in planning your outdoor living space. We have a large selection of outdoor furniture, including lounge chairs, dining sets, outdoor couches, tables that are built with durability and comfort in mind. All our garden furniture is made from high-quality materials that last for years.

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