All of Pianca’s furniture is produced in the area around their headquarters in Gaiarine, near Treviso, and conforms with EU production standards. From there they export the elegance and luxury of Italian-made products across the globe. 

The design team at Pianca combines creativity and advanced production technology to produce modern, functional, elegant furniture collections. 


Pianca has been around for over 65 years, exporting to 50 countries with 250 internal employees.

Pianca is proud to express that they are made first and foremost of people. Their immense value is their greatest capital, with their wealth of knowledge and skills that only time and experience can bring.

When the carpentry workshop began to feel a bit small, Pianca replaced the chisels with high-technology, continuing to invest in their workers. This is clearly reflected in the affection of their employees, who stay with them for life. That is why they produce design, but still use their hands, and still consider themselves craftsmen and -women. Their sawn-oak finishes are the perfect illustration of this combination of high technical performance with a hand-made feel. All this is artistic intelligence.

The technical and aesthetic conception of products that can improve people’s lives. This is why they have chosen to reward the ideas of young talents, amongst whom tomorrow’s big names are to be found. The Pianca design team combines creativity and advanced production technology to give modern, logical, elegant furniture systems that they succeed in presenting to the market at a very competitive price. This is the only way that the Pianca brand, known to their customers as unique and unmistakable, can remain constantly true to itself, the epitome of contemporary elegance.

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