The inspiration of Arketipo comes from the harmony of combinations, materials and nuances, which transcend the contemporary and create a lifestyle between dream and provocation. 


Arketipo, the name of the Tuscan company, was chosen because it contains the idea of ​​originality of a distinctive and refined model. Through this word it is possible to express all the know-how of Arketipo Firenze that develops through the research of high-quality materials and the study of new forms of design.

Design is the starting point for any project. It is an essential value that makes each product unique and precious as an individual art form. The Italian character of aesthetic choices is continuity, a hallmark and a desire to affirm one’s own cultural roots. Mastery lies in the selection of the best, the new and the useful. Arketipo often draws from parallel worlds and work, as in historic ateliers, to make a classic, innovative product.

Arketipo products combine top quality with attention to detail and a vibrant and contemporary image. Although organized in 1982, In recent year, Arketipo’s primary focus has been brand reinforcement, relaunching and repositioning the brand in the high end sector of the market. This position allows Arketipo to offer a unique selection of retailers a collection combining high level design and quality that is untouched around the world.

Arketipo, has been a member of the association ADI (Industrial Design Association) since 2007, and was founded in 1982. 

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