Fall 2020 Interior Design Trends in Home Décor


Spring is one of my favorite season and watching Spring bring in the colorful flowers and lush green trees can be so rejuvenating. The summer season speaks for itself, and I love everything about it. Soon after summer though, comes Autumn bringing in the cooler weather and vibrant hues of bright red, orange, and yellows also found in fall foliage. By this time of year, with everything changing around you, it is hard not to want a change in your home décor too. If you find yourself wanting to remodel or re-decorate your house around fall, here are a few 2020 fall trends in home décor you can follow:


Earthy Tones

This trend will never get old, earthy tones around a fireplace to keep you warm through the cold season. If you are a nature lover, you can create a beautiful look integrating wooden tones of brown, burnt orange, shades of green and ochre yellow. These shades will enhance the look of any sitting area of your house, creating a comfortable environment that provides warmth and coziness to make memories with your family and loved ones.


Powder Pink

This color has been trending for the last few years, powder pink has the ability to contrast with an array of dark colors and other pastel colors as well. It has often been paired with a dark shade of navy blue, mint green, and hues of grey. The light marshmallow shade is a comfort to the eyes and a great option for bedroom accents, including, curtains, sheets, and throw pillows.


Unique Textiles

Fall is also about textiles when it comes to home decor, its the time of year that you can find unique tweeds and interesting textures. Different textures also bring comfort and warmth into your environment by adding dimension to any design. Exploring the internet for loosely knit pillow covers and chunky rugs to go with your modern furniture you can make a significant change in the look of your surrounding. All-natural woven fabrics are a great choice because they offer organic benefits. Such fabrics give off a natural feel to the place, for instance, a cane swing at the corner of your living room and woven furniture surrounding it can be a unique and comfortable look.



Velvet is a fancy fabric that provides a comforting texture with a lavish finish. A velvet couch will add glamour to your living room. Modern furniture Design often utilizes velvet in making elegant sofas, lavish bed headboards and comfortable side chairs. Velvet is easy to clean and is pet friendly as well.


 Take a Break From Whites

There has been a long streak of the all-white design trend. Especially in the kitchen area of the home. But everyone knows that staying on top of the continuous upkeep just isn’t realistic in a home that’s truly lived in. With that said, there are still the white die hearts out there. If you’re one of those people you’ll love this new trend. It incorporates shades of wooden brown with white to make it a little easier to manage.

Know that in modern style décor, bookshelves, cabinets, and islands can deviate from the boring old white. Introduce a little color to your kitchen with navy blue or coffee brown cabinets. When the gloomy weather of winter gets you down, give your kitchen a vibrant look with a pop of color.


Elizabethan Style Furniture

The epitome of elegance and grace, the Elizabethan style furniture, went out of style for a little bit, but it is back with a bang, with a hint of modernity the Elizabethan furniture appeals to people with a rich taste in modern style décor. Offering amazing dark wood designs for an antique but stylish dresser, console table, and dining chair and table set to beautify your home during the fall. Such modern furniture works well with green leafy decors as well.


Hanging Décor

Plants always serve as a great way to decorate your house. They adorn the surroundings by making it look livelier and more natural without making it look extravagant or adding unnecessary bling. Get some small brown pots and hang them around your home with thick woven ropes. Plants have a restorative and revitalizing effect on human nature. However, be sure to do your homework and invest in a plant that is evergreen and is a home plant.  Eucalyptus in one of the plants used commonly for home décor.

You can also add greenery to your house without actually investing in a real plants. There are plenty of home décor shops that have high-quality artificial plants that would save you the hassle of looking after a real plant. A touch of nature can make the environment of your home calmer and more inviting.


Candles and Lanterns

Since the movie “Tangled” came out lighting lanterns have made a resurgence in the home décor industry. Lanterns are now commonly used in décor of engagement parties, weddings, and new year’s parties. Decorating your home with antique lanterns and candles can give a sense of warmth to your house which is what you need in the growing cold of fall. A cozy living room decorated with scented candles and beautifully designed lanterns with a brick hearth on the side and comfy sofas is what you need on a cold fall evening.


Monochrome Décor

This is the trend for our friends who are challenged while selecting a color combination or contrast for their interior space. All you have to do is choose one color, for instance, if you have selected blue for your living room couch, you’ll stay in shades of blue for pillows and other home décor items as well. In a monochromatic theme, you use one color with neutral colors like white, earthy tones, or black. All colors have a wide range of hues, explore them, and make your room look amazing. This interior design style can produce some great living spaces. I love it.


Contemporary Lighting Designs

Since fall is a gloomy season you would want to keep your interiors lit with the perfect ambiance. Lamp and light shades are a perfect way to add style and glam to your place. Italmoda offers an amazing and wide range of lighting designs that will fit your interior décor and enhance the ambiance of your place. You cannot imagine how lighting can affect your space, it can make the room look bigger and can have a positive and relaxing effect on the mood as well. The sculptural lamps have started to come back as a unique design and people have started to take interest in uniquely styled floor lamps as well.


Coffee Table

Another one of the fall trends is the low coffee tables. Plinth size coffee tables are a great way to make your supper time special. These tables are usually made of wood or marble and are used to display books, sculptures, or any decoration piece. These coffee tables are an elegant upgrade to your living room and would be witness to your cherishable memories. If you are looking for modern furniture near you, you’ll definitely find some inspiring plinth coffee table designs for your home at Italmoda Furniture.


Canopy Beds

Recently canopy beds have been a trend, they are known to make your master bedroom look even more lavish and extravagant. These beds are a statement piece in modern furniture design and can be decorative to personalize your room the way you want, with a rigid stark look or flowy sheer fabrics draping to create a soft feel.


Cozy Crooks

Sometimes we go way in over our heads while we re-model that we forget that we should feel at home rather than feeling as if we’re living in an expensive hotel. Making a quiet and cozy crook in your house is also a trend nowadays. This space is usually filled with comforting furniture where you can sit and enjoy a good read, a cup of hot cocoa, and you. Make sure that your cozy crook has the snuggest couch and pillows so that you enjoy this space as much as possible.


Floral Wallpapers

Fall obviously is not the best season in terms of flowers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring flowers to your home. Floral wallpaper is an easy investment especially if it is color coordinated with your modern style furniture. Floral wallpapers go well with white and shades of wooden browns. It will add liveliness to your room and is making a comeback in many home décor styles.


Contrasting Colors

If all your furniture and home décor is well planned and color-coordinated is may look a bit plain or boring. Adding a pop of colored furniture can make your space look more appealing. If you aren’t ready for a big change you can also bring in new colors with a few throw pillows, table accessories or a rug. A leather couch can also make heads turn and will always enhance any room.


Multi-Functional Living Area

Since our practical life has always found a way to reach out to us, and under the current pandemic circumstances people have started to incorporate a work desk in their living space. Working from home has become quite the trend and has also given birth to this new trend. A workstation desk that can be a part of your home living room is the perfect solution to be in two places at once. This way you can be a part of your family festivities and still take care of your responsibilities regarding your staff meetings and zoom calls.


Italmoda has a fascinating collection of modern furniture items near you. We have a large selection of in store items that you can walk away with or quick ship items that you can have in a matter of weeks. If you are looking for unique, handcrafted art for your home, including wall art and functional art made by local artists check out embracecreatives.com.